A website built to inspire and appreciate the pursuit of truth, meaning and greatness in us all. 

I built Long Live The Public to creatively share what I love, what I know and what I'm learning through my experiences in life. LLTP is the outlet in which I can visually create the ideas I see in a way that others can too. Whether it's something you could wear, something you'll watch or something you'll read; the heart behind it will be the same.

For the searchers,

Devin Gatling


Long Live The What?

Long Live The Public is a spin off of the phrase "Long Live The King." As people we have an amazing ability to disqualify oursleves from achieving greatness and often times before we even try. We often think those who achieve great things are of a "divine birthright" and the rest of us are doomed to live a life that's painfully average. Leaving us feeling like pawns among kings. 

But LLTP's mission is to remind us all that a king is only a pawn with a crown. We all are capable of greatness, growth and significance. We all have something we can and need to contribute to this world. We could write the history we want to see. We could tell the story we need to hear. No more them, no more royalty. Its only we and loyalty over royalty. Let's encourage us all.

Long Live The Public.